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These are the core obsessions that drive our newsroom—defining topics of seismic importance to the global economy. Our emails are made to shine in your inbox, with something fresh every morning, afternoon, and weekend. While TPLF won While over 2.

This is a big win for the people of Tigray, he added. The ruling Tigray party and the Ethiopian federal government have been at loggerheads since soon after prime minister Abiy, an Oromo, came to power in April The federal government has repeatedly alleged the TPLF is attempting to weaken the national unity of the country.

TPLF, on the other hand, has been blaming the Abiy administration for trying to impose a one-man dictatorship, claiming that his administration does not have genuine interest in holding a democratic election. It is the only region where the ruling party of the federal government, Prosperity Party, has no political power or influence.

TPLF, the party of the late prime minister Meles Zenawi who led Ethiopia with an iron fist for almost 17 yearshas dominated Ethiopian politics for almost three decades. It was a powerful voice in the former ruling coalition of the Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democrats EPRDFwhich was dismantled at the end of last year and replaced by the Prosperity Party led by the current prime minister.

After a positive early start for Abiy, which saw him win the Nobel Peace prize for normalizing relations with Eritrea after nearly two decades, his time in office has been fraught with the difficulties of managing a multi-ethnic, federal system even while trying to position himself as a political reformer and economic liberalizer. But over the last year that goodwill quickly dissipated, culminating in major protests over the killing of singer Hachalu Hundiessa in June.

The Tigray tensions are part of a wider issue with other ethnic groups and regional states seeking additional autonomy or the creation of new states. By providing your email, you agree to the Quartz Privacy Policy. Skip to navigation Skip to content. These are some of our most ambitious editorial projects. By Samuel Getachew.

Mekelle, Ethiopia September 12, Sign me up. Update your browser for the best experience.Companies with investment capital of.

By all imagination that is chump change when you consider the ownership is lost and the profit for. TPLF largely argues that the merger process was supposed to be approved by the EPRDF congress, which is the highest power structure in the Front,before the decision was announced.

I established The Peterson Law Firm to focus on the individual and families involved in the legal process.

Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front

Forgot account? Some reports suggest that even with Abiy's own ODP. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is a member and has served on the politburo of the Tigray People's Liberation Front TPLFwhich "traces its origins in the Marxist-inspired student movements of the late s and early s in Ethiopia.

The conflict aggravated a disastrous drought and famine between andwhich the government tried to ameliorate by forcibly relocating hundreds of thousands of peasants to well-watered. TPLF Tigray People Liberation Front is a minority parasitic regime currently bleeding, wounding, imprisoning, selling, killing and terrorizing Ethiopians for the last 26 years. December 2, The TPLF is the foe, the cause is their removal and the purpose is to bring lasting democratic change to Ethiopia, and no matter what the regime does, this time the people will not be stopped.

TPLF might increase the frequency of such uncomfortable consequences. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. Report this profile; About. But this was no regular celebration.

ሰበር ዜና የህወሓት ከፍተኛ አመራሮች ሀገር ጥለዉ ለመፈርጠጥ በዝግጅት ላይ ናቸዉ Ethiopia TPLF - Finkil - Seyoum Mesfin

It is private company which controls Ethiopia under the pretext of party owned by an elite ultra Tigrayans and pro-Eritrean secession family members. In Novemberthis formerly dominant party also opposed the dissolution of the EPRDF, of which for many years it was the linchpin, and its replacement by the Prosperity Party, with which it has refused to merge.

The spin masters may have received their talking points directly from Debretsion or his associates. TPLF, an album by TRZ on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.

But the party's influence plummeted after Abiy assumed office in -- an ascent fuelled by several years of anti-government protests reflecting widespread frustration. Temesgn Kebed - There is a revolution of the poor and dispossessed to make ends meet; there is another revolution of haves to satisfy never ending greed.February 17, Ezega.

Marking the occasion, the organization released one of the strongest statements it issued to date criticizing the way the country is going under the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The Organization all but condemned what it called the erosion of constitutional order in broad day light and vowed that it will not sit idly while the country is going into anarchy.

Tigray’s election can accelerate the region’s democratic reforms

The statement, which came at the end of the Central Committe meeting of the TPLF, claimed both internal and "external forces" are working in tandem to undermine Ethiopian unity and stability and condemned the "external interference.

The statement also stated that whereas those who brought change and development are accused and blamed for everything, those who sabotaged the country are being welcomed as heroes. The statement said the EPRDF brought great economic development and stability to Ethiopia, which is markedly different from what it was 27 years ago. The TPLF leadership said it will work with all national and regional forces who believe in revolutionary democracy, federalism and constitutional order to defend the constitution and stablity of the country and bring about change if necessary.

Finally, the statement invited the Eritrean people to stand with it the TPLF to fight for peace and justice and reminded that the TPLF has always supported their cause while others were against it.

Today's statement marks a new escalation in the simmering internal conflict within the EPRDF, the implication of which can be serious for a country that is being tested by various ethnic and boundary conflicts, as well as the breakdown of law and order in some parts. In fact, many even claim that the current leadership has essentially ran things by executive order, different from how the organization worked in the past.

According to the current statement, it appears that the TPLF is beginning to give up on the EPRDF and its current leadership, and it intends to fight against it for change along with other forces. How the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed-led forces will react to this developement is yet to be seen. Back Print. Contact News Editor. Name :. Email :.

Phone :. Message :. Enter text shown in the above image :.While most other opposition parties accepted the federal government decision to postpone due to the pandemic, they were nonetheless disgruntled by the decision. Across the political spectrum, those with significant support like Ethiopian Democratic Party, Oromo Federalist Congress, and the Oromo Liberation Front expressed openly that if the constitution is to be taken literally, the federal government possesses neither the authority nor the legal grounds to extend its term without an election.

But still, they grant that Ethiopia is in difficult position to conduct an election, and thus concurred with the government on the need to postpone it.

Yet due to this reasoning they demanded inclusion in the decision-making process as partners with an equal say on how to guide the nation through the pandemic crisis. Consequently, lacking the legitimacy that differentiates it from other parties, it would need to get the consent of and compromise with its competitors. This is significant since bringing stability and consensus is precisely what propelled Abiy to power.

After the initial shockwave subsided every side started pointing fingers at their ideological nemeses and conjuring conspiracy theories.

This undid any trust and reversed any open-mindedness that had been built among opposing camps. By claiming that certain medias are exacerbating conflict by inciting violence, the government moved to ban the internet and try and block outlets such as Tigray TV and Demtsi Woyane. Moreover, major political figures have been incarcerated and are awaiting trial. This controversial string of moves by the incumbent, seemingly aimed at paralyzing the opposition camp, is unlikely to provide a lasting solution as it has only paused the crisis until an opportune moment for it to erupt again.

Many indeed have attempted to brush it aside as mere stubbornness at best and, at worst, some sort of sinister desire to stoke instability. To be fair, TPLF had also asked for an all-inclusive dialogue and only after its repeated calls went unanswered did it resort to its present course.

Outside Tigray, TPLF has acquired a reputation as an extremist ethno-nationalist party devoted exclusively to upholding the interest of Tigrayans—often at the cost of other Ethiopian citizens.

However, even the most cursory examination of the facts reveals that such opinions, commonly aired on pro-Abiy media outlets, are wide of the mark in terms of accurately reflecting Tigrayan sentiments. But the reason behind this resentment and the reform demanded is opposite to the one propagated among media promoting the centralizing model. With its humbling return to Tigray, however, TPLF suddenly found itself vying to convince its power base, the one it had taken for granted, that it deserves their confidence.

Accordingly, they argue that TPLF is not serious enough in its ethno-nationalist character, merely using it as a convenient vehicle to rally Tigrayan peasants who were unfamiliar with, and thus less likely to fight for, Marxist notions of class struggle.

tplf website

The way they see it, TPLF may have started out holding an ethno-nationalist banner, but that was more due to convenience than devotion.

And, upon reaching Arat Kilo, it has deserted its ethno-nationalist cloak in favor of its favorite leftist ideals and has since adopted a pan-national outlook primarily anchored in Addis. This, according to some, is evidenced in its belief that the ethnic question is ultimately to be answered with the economic triumph of the working class.

This paradoxical tendency by left-wing parties to neglect ethnic causes has been noted by academic Donald Horowitz. In his book, Ethnic Groups in Conflicthe asserts:.

More often than not, therefore, the impetus to ignore or to cross ethnic lines in party organization emanates from the left. The electoral survival of socialist parties only when they espouse ethnic causes, and their conspicuous electoral failure when they do not do so, attests to the pre-emptive power of ethnic party systems when they emerge in Asia and Africa.

Bpd jealous rage

Baytona Tigray, the other increasingly popular ethno-nationalist party, has garnered support by its strong emphasis advocating a return to the roots to reclaim Tigrayan renaissance. Deriving its name from baitoa village-level parliament system practiced among Tigrayans since ancient times, it insists on creating an indigenous democratic platform embedded in the historical and cultural foundations of Tigray.

Contrary to presumptions of many, however, it insists that its call for independence is not grounded on embitterment caused by recent ill-treatment of Tigrayans. Grounding its thesis on viewing Ethiopia as an empire within whose womb different nationalities struggle for dominance, TIP asserts that the nationalistic aspirations of the different ethnicities in Ethiopia are fiercely antagonistic and irreconcilable, thus positing separation as the only rational solution.

What is more curious, however, is its claim that it is inevitable for any group that occupies Menelik II palace to continue and sustain the imperialistic policy, pointing its finger, unlike some, even on TPLF, which it says has been as centrist and dominating as its predecessors. Moreover, it goes further and makes a rather startling argument that no matter who occupies the federal seat of power, it is inevitably going to dominate and implicitly subjugate the interests of other ethnic group; that democracy and subsequent economic development cannot be sustained in such ethnically diverse nation where allegiances are wielded primarily based on ethnic affiliation than the merit of policies.

That these acts have become state-sponsored, as perceived by many Tigrayans, since Abiy took office, further aggravated their sense of exclusion, and fostered the longing, especially among the youth, for an independent Tigray. Rooting its constituency primarily in Erob woreda, ADP advocates social democracy as an economic model and calls for peace and reconciliation.During this period, the Derg was responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of opponents without trial in the Qey Shibir and the — famine in Ethiopia resulting indeaths.

Michael Johns, an Africa expert with The Heritage Foundationwrote in that "there are some modestly encouraging signs that the front intends to abandon Mengistu's autocratic practices".

The four member parties had the same organizational structure.

Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front

Government and party structures were closely intertwined. The other five regions of Ethiopia were governed by parties which were either created or heavily influenced by the EPRDF. Its members held a variety of positions that could be broadly defined as being to the left of the opposition parties.

Administrative reform encompassed several themes, namely simplification and streamlining of government bureaucracy ; privatization of state-owned enterprises ; and adoption of measures, including tax reformin preparation for the expected strain on the economy posed by a rapidly growing population. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Ethiopian People's Patriotic Front.

Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front. Politics of Ethiopia Political parties Elections. Constitution Presidency. House of Federation House of Peoples' Representatives.

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Federal Supreme Court. Recent elections Presidential: Parliamentary: Administrative divisions. Regions Zones Districts. Foreign relations. Related topics. Human rights. Other countries. Deutsche Welle. Oxford : James Currey. Friedrich Ebert Foundation. The Journal of Modern African Studies.

African Affairsin: Africa Spectrum. International Journal on Minority and Group Rights. World Bank. Vestal, Theodore Praeger Publishers. Political parties in Ethiopia. Portal:Politics List of political parties Politics of Ethiopia. Namespaces Article Talk.Droughts have been used by past regimes of Ethiopia — the creators and guardians of unimaginable misery — as weapons to subdue and exploit the nations, nationalities, and peoples of the Country.

TPLF — the sole architect that has dislodged the creators and guardians of unimaginable misery into the dustbin of history with untold sacrifice — has generated revered strategy of national socioeconomic transformation that has helped Ethiopia to fully come out victorious against the challenges of the El Nino triggered drought of last year.

This national success has made all the Woyanes and their friends thrilled and proud.

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TPLF always comes with something ingenious that works! TPLF — as history is lavishly rewarding it — is the most principled, committed, formidable, benevolent, industrious, and successful political party the world has ever seen. TPLF is the only political party in the world that has succeeded in pulling the most complex and massive country in the world out of debilitating poverty and backwardness quickly during the most intricate epoch of globalized world by ingeniously crafting one-of-its-kind socioeconomic transformation strategy.

The sole cause of the unrests is corruption and its various manifestations. The unrest in the Amhara State, nonetheless, goes beyond corruption-triggered one for all intents and reasons. It has evolved towards challenging the Ethiopian political arrangement for the sole purpose of sanitizing the ugly history of the rotten neftegnas by reducing the Amhara National Democratic Movement ANDM into their agent.

God knows if ANDM had ever owned any apparatus to video-tape a war!

Numeros ganadores dela quiniela pale de hoy en la noche

In fact, the Qimant massacre looks like an intrastate trial for larger and extensive interstate adventure. When NH-ANDM get out victorious after its operations in the Qimant community — with very little hushes and shushes from the federal government and insignificant bruises from the Qimant community — it truly and rightly felt that it is invincible and can go down to the lowlands of Western Tigrai to claim Wolqait through its proxies that have established documented allegiance with Ethiopian enemies.

Land-grabbing with no regard for fellow human beings is diagnostic characteristics of the neftegnas. The way the proxies like to claim Wolqait throws the Federal Constitution and its instruments under the bus. The singular Ethiopian political entity that detests the Federal Constitution and its instruments to the core is the rotten neftegnas. Rotten neftegnas — who behave like a pack of wild asses that can only see green pasture and nothing else — believe that defeating TPLF by all means necessary including by harassing the people of Tigrai can help them annihilate EPRDF altogether and reclaim their lost glory.

The glory of eating big and shitting big while starving millions to death! It has let the E. And yet, the leadership did not yet made any public apologies to the citizens who have lost their loved ones and properties. Delegations representing the Federal Government of Ethiopia and the governments of the regional states are faced with intense harassment by the segment of the pro-neftegna, pro-Dergue Diaspora.

They are known by the nuisances they create towards anybody belonging to the Ethiopian government. Surprisingly, the delegation led by the NH-ANDM leadership has received the warmest and the most hospitable welcome in its recent tour to the United States. Now, the Gondar unrest has evolved into bigger crisis and its primary owners are trying to expand it to engulf Amhara and other states of the Country.

This dream, by itself, does not have any problem at all. However, TPLF has always achieved that and is working do so in the generations to come by continuously transforming itself and by generating sellable and ingenious ideas and strategies of development and democratization that transform the Country and her peoples.

What is problematic with the dream of ANDM is the way they would like to fulfill it. They endeavor to achieve it by sabotaging and weakening TPLF instead of taking bold measures to transform ANDM itself; and worst of all by aligning themselves with land-grabbing rotten neftegnas. When NH-ANDM was assisting land-grabbing neftegnas to concoct a war from a star hotel in Gondar, it was for the sole mission of sabotaging TPLF by letting the harassment and killing of citizens of Tigrai origin and the destruction and looting of their properties to make them feel that TPLF is failing them.

tplf website

In fact, this strategy is the strategy of all anti-TPLF forces in general and the neftegnas in particular. ANDM is a gift of TPLF and the people of Tigrai to the peace-loving, humble, and fraternal peoples of Amhara who are still laboring to fully extricate themselves out of debilitating poverty and backwardness.

Anybody can go to the highlands of North Shoa, Gondar, and Wollo and figure out for themselves. Many pro-Dergue neftegna riffraff would keep dreaming and talking to resurrect the neftegna system and its chauvinistic ideals. But, no sane observer of the Ethiopian politics would fail to understand that any project aiming at resurrecting the neftegna system is a futile exercise.

Even the NH-ANDM leaders and their tens of thousands of armed-to-the-teeth innocent militias cannot remove a stone-mark put up by a single Woyane let alone resurrecting the neftegna system by defeating TPLF and the people of Tigrai. Agitating innocent and unaware Amharas — who still believe that Woyanes are creatures with ears as large as the leaves false banana — to harass and kill unprepared and unarmed men and defenseless women and children and to destroy and loot their hard-earned properties cannot resurrect the neftegnas.

Therefore, the good people of Amhara and all Amhara elites — who cannot and should not miss that the legacy of rotten neftegnas is neither salvageable nor useful to anybody including to the Amhara people themselves — have to reclaim ANDM before it is too late.

News: TPLF grabs 189 seats out of 190 available in regional council

The ideals of chauvinism should be scraped off the psyche of all good-willing Amharas. That is the most effective measure to fight and defeat corruption and rent-seeking.In over a week-long series of events leading to Yekatit 11 February 19the day ethnic Tigray Nationalist political organization launched the armed struggle in the wilderness of Dedebit against the military government of Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam, military parades have been the centerpiece of the anniversary celebration.

The organization has issued a statement on the occasion.

tplf website

February 19, It also painted an image of the imminent disintegration of Ethiopia due to policy measures of the political force that is currently holding power. After soliciting support from a different section of the population apart from TPLF members and people of Tigray, the statement lastly pleaded to the people of Eritrea.

As a result of the sacrifices we jointly made, we won over the brutal Dergi regime and achieved victory… Nonetheless, in the last 20 years we had been locked in an unnecessary conflict and we both paid dearly as a result.

We all realize the scar this has left. The message for the Eritrean president is different. And it is not in the statement. In an event organized as part of the anniversary, leading TPLF leaders like Seyoum Mesfin, who has served as foreign minister for a long time, complained that the Eritrean president is interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia.

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