Wavac price list

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Wavac price list

The fact that they make amps that cost way into six figures now is no reason reviewers or you should overlook this classic B amp. This removes all the coupling capacitors from the circuit.

Just start by looking at the array of six Western Electric Tubes. Each mounted in tube sockets milled from solid blocks of Teflon, with gold-plated bronze phosphor contacts. Each tube socket is isolated from the chassis by its own suspension. The most important parts of any SET are the transformers. The amp weights 60 pounds. They use only transformers designed by TANGO, the Japanese company noted for making the best cost-no-object transformers in the world.

I promise you, this is where a lot of the cost of this amp lies. A couple of matters of convince I would like to mention. First is the fact that the ECB is completely self-biasing, even if you use different tubes. Second is in regard to the back panel and hookup. The placement of the substantial and beautiful input jacks and speaker terminals on the top deck, which of course are all gold-plated, is a stroke of ergonomic genius.

I had just finished reviewing or auditioning several great amps, and once again my little WAVAC MDB had proven to be the most musical and enjoyable. Then along came the opportunity to have the ECB in my system. I had to really wonder, at three times the cost if it could possibly be that much better? My first twinkling of what was to come was just unboxing it.

As I mentioned above, the connections are laid out in a way that makes setup very simple. I had the amp up and running in less than five minutes.

wavac price list

I took another five minutes to dress the cables and I was ready. I let it play off the server for half a day and then I thought it was time for a listen.We do have showroom demo units that are available immediately.

WAVAC Audio Lab components are designed to convey emotion, not merely sound, and to provide an aesthetic beauty to match the sonic performance. Based on our MDm, by making the transformer to TANGO specifications of the highest grade, it has become a more sophisticated sound making.

Among our products line, TAm became an amplifier that can express more delicate sounds You can feel the realism, depth of sound, and sound of width that TAm produce and you will find yourself in your own concert hall.

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TAm is also finished with the amplifier most suitable for the live recorded sound source. Tape decks Tuners View All Analog. Solid state Tube View All Integrateds.


Accessories D. LOG IN. We do have showroom demo units that are availab Condition NEW. Therefore, without losing the sound quality, a wide dynamic range is secured, and the accurate sound signal from that source is reproduced.

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Return Policy Return Window Returns are not accepted on this item. Related Listings. Items from this seller. Legal Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Research Pricing.We also have showroom demo unit for this model which is available immediately. Please call or email for the info. The legendary B power triode has long been the first choice of many serious music listeners because of the natural, emotional presentation of amplifiers using this power tube. The B tube works very well in traditional circuits and this is part of the reason why this ancient triode has become so famous worldwide.

We appreciate the achievements of old-fashioned single- ended B amplifiers, but the dream of the full potential of B for musical reproduction has only come true with the creation of the ECB amplifier. Our design is carefully tailored to furnish ideal drive conditions for the output tube, opening the door to dramatic new levels of low-end articulation and dynamic excitement for single-ended B amplifiers. The ample 10 watt output of the ECB provides full-bodied musical reproduction that you will appreciate for a long, long time.

The result of our intensive research, the ECB, is a completely modern amplifier dedicated to the timeless quest for musical enjoyment.

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Tape decks Tuners View All Analog. Solid state Tube View All Integrateds. Accessories D. LOG IN. We also have showroom demo unit for this mode Condition NEW. No questions have been asked about this item. Ask the seller a public question You must log in to ask a question. Send a private message You must log in to send a message. Return Policy Return Window Returns are not accepted on this item.

Related Listings. Items from this seller. Legal Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Research Pricing.Review By Wayne Donnelly. This writer has previously had the pleasure of reviewing the company's ECB and MDB stereo amplifiers, driving very high-efficiency loudspeakers appropriate to their 10 wpc power output.

The MDm monoblocks' watt power offered a chance to evaluate the WAVAC approach to amplification with a wider range of loudspeakers, and I jumped at the opportunity to try them out. First Look At a bit over 40 lbs. The chassis enclosures are exceptionally rigid and acoustically dead. The top plate is a 10 mm-thick aluminum, which provides a resonance-resistant platform for attaching circuit components.

The sculpted fascia, nearly an inch thick on the left side, holds the familiar large WAVAC power-on button and power LED, as well as a volume control knob. The inclusion of the passive volume control allows the owner of a single-source system to connect, say, a CD player directly to the amplifiers without need for a preamplifier.

wavac price list

Within a more conventional setup, the volume knobs allow the listener to "trim" channel balance if the system preamplifier has no balance control, as is commonly the case these days.

The three tubes of each chassis are exposed on the front half, surrounded by a heavy glass screen. The transformers are behind the tubes in a sealed protective enclosure.

Functional Highlights The robust power tube allows these amplifiers to deliver a solid 55 W with only a single output tube per side.

wavac price list

The IITC circuit completely eliminates capacitors in the signal path. In addition to the heavy-duty chassis, anti-resonance measures include isolation of the tubes and transformers from the chassis with elastomers In order to reduce tube microphonics and transformer vibration.

I had originally planned to do a good bit of tube-rolling for this review, but circumstances dictated differently. This review sequence was unusually lengthy, being interrupted by a four-month hiatus caused by my relocation from California to Chicago.

Output: New production Chinese Jim Ricketts also sent a note with several suggestions, which I am including here for reference by interested tube rollers". Since tube tastes are subjective, any high-quality 12AX7 type that an owner prefers would work well and provide that last bit of fine tuning.

The Chinese tube is well made in a ISO factory [which indicates stringent quality control standards] and provides excellent sound. Just to verify my assumption that these amplifiers would match the typical WAVAC sensitivity to tube differences, I did make a couple of brief substitutions with recent-production 12AX7s I had on hand. The differences were indeed clear, but neither substitute rivaled the impeccable tonal balance and transparency of the original.

Review Conditions In the course of several months of listening, these amplifiers were matched with an impressive array of equipment, both upstream and downstream.

The amps performed impeccably with all of them.The MDB is attractive in its light gold-colored chassis and taller light gray transformer cover.

It also comes with a beautiful, one-piece curved glass tube shield. By the way, MD stands for Music Dandy, and that it surely is. It has no active preamplifier stage. So all of my comments are based on audition of the amp with W. The MD B not only has a volume control, it also has a selector switch for three inputs. Adding the Audio Note M5 fleshed out the music some.

The Shindo Aurieges-L was the pre-amp that really let this amp shine. With it, you can explore deep into the texture and harmonics of the music. This seems even truer for SET amps.

I mean, who are they kidding when they say the bass goes down to The bass is articulate and allows the music to have a very natural sounding sense of weight. This is also the quality you will hear with drums and big horns. This is true all the way up into the mid bass. Well, this is why we buy SETs.

Well, what does this magic sound like? First, it is immediate, the dictionary says immediate means: 1. Happening or done without delay 2. Nearest in time, space, or relationship 3. Urgent or pressing, and so needs to be dealt with before anything else. It can best be described by trying to see two different pictures in your mind. The second picture is also of a bass. The bass is mostly brown with black and mahogany colored grain.

wavac price list

The strings are not quite the same color, and you can see deep into the instrument. There is a single hand plucking the strings. Now this is what a great SET tube amp can do. Which brings us to the third definition of immediate; it has a sense of urgency about it. This amp has the best sense of pace and rhythm that I have heard.

It has a great soundstage that does not draw attention to itself. For a seasoned audiophile like me, this is really something. This amp lets you hear small nuances in voices. It lets voices swell into big moments without loosing those nuances or straining.It currently has a greater trading volume than any other U. The NASDAQ trades shares in a variety of companies, but is well known for being a high-tech exchange, trading many new, high growth, and volatile stocks.

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Wavac Audio Lab MD-811 plays I am a fool to want you

Golden Energy Marine. New York Mortgage Trust. Top Ships Inc. Metabasis Therapeutics. Cisco Systems.

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American Capital Agency. Sirius Xm Radio Inc. Huntington Bancshares.

wavac audio

Jetblue Airways. Qualcomm Incorporated. Per-se Technologies. Ebay Inc. Penn National. Gilead Sciences. Abraxas Petroleum.

Applied Materials. Wynn Resorts. Endo Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc.

WAVAC Audio TA-805m -- 20% OFF!

Plug Power. Mylan Inc. Patterson-uti Energy. Activision Blizzard.Review Summary Sound "Enjoyable, refined, and wholly musical"; has "rhythmic vitality" along with the ability to deal with " complex harmonics"; "the MDB was excellent at doing what many SET amps do so well -- reproduce the fine harmonic detail, structure, and natural development and decay of every note.

Use Has a volume control and switching for multiple inputs, but Bill used the MDB as a power amp, preferring the added gain when listening to vinyl; Western Electric B output tubes "propelled this amp from being merely great to really great. It seems that owning a pair of higher-sensitivity speakers opens up many an avenue in the amplifier-reviewing game, especially when low-powered SET designs are on the grab pile.

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Life is fair. To all those guys with speakers requiring a gigawatt of amplifier power and a dedicated nuclear plant to provide the juiceall I can say is "nyah, nyah, nyah. The MDB is housed in an attractive gold-colored chassis with a wooden faceplate and a taller medium-gray transformer cover to the rear. A heavy glass shield sits unfastened around the front of the tubes, and while open at the top, it offers a modicum of protection. Weighing in at an easily hefted 37 pounds, this amplifier does not follow the familiar path of brawn and mass.

The chassis itself is fabricated of light-gauge metal, and while not flimsy by any means, it will not serve standby duty as a wheel chock. The tube complement consists of a pair of B output tubes, a pair of 6Y6s as driver tubes, and a pair of 12AT7s as input tubes. On the back, the speaker binding posts, three pairs of RCA input jacks, and an IEC connector for the mains connection complete the picture.

Wait a minute -- an amplifier with a volume attenuator and multiple input capabilities is an integrated amplifier, right? Well, yes -- usually. And the MDB can most certainly be used in that fashion. Why would anyone want to do this? Well, again, yes -- usually. And in fact, with CD as the source, there was more resolution and a little added clarity when the MDB was used in standalone fashion. Obviously, my phono stage worked best with the additional gain of the outboard preamp.

Yours may not. In fact, there was a little added bloom, a little extra gestalt, if you will, when the MDB was fed by the preamp. So little was the transparency penalty, and so nice was the extra beef to the music, that I spent most of the review period with the preamp in place. For those seeking the lowest cost of entry to the Wavac sound, however, the inclusion of the volume and switching capabilities provides a means of dispensing with the cost of a separate preamp. I could live quite happily with the MDB either way.

The principal design of this amp is the brainchild of the late Nobu Shishido, who developed a circuit he labeled the "IITC" inverted interstage transformer coupled and availed himself of the talents and manufacturing expertise of Wavac Audio Lab to produce his design. For the more technically challenged among us like methe IITC is more simply understood as this: a transformer is utilized between the driver tube and the output B tube, replacing the capacitors that would normally be used for coupling that part of the circuit.

Additionally, the first and second amplification stages are direct-coupled, rather than capacitor-coupled as in many other designs. Shishido felt that removal of these capacitors resulted in reduced coloration and distortion. Through further research, he found that only the highest-quality transformers were suitable for achieving the full sonic potential; thus, the transformers employed are critically selected and crucial to the overall sound of the amp.

With a slightly higher sensitivity than the Supers, and sporting the same easy-to-drive impedance load, the Totals were a very nice match with the Wavac amp. Yet [Ichiban ICH]the most compelling quality of the MDB became immediately apparent -- bass and midbass lines that were quick, taut, and steered their way in and out of a transient with a litheness more commonly associated with solid-state amplifiers.

The extension was a little foreshortened, but not by much, and certainly not as much subjectively as the 40Hz low-frequency specification would imply. What was there was expertly articulated and had a good sense of weight.

The foundation laid by the bass lines accounts for another of the most endearing qualities of this amplifier: the superb pace and rhythm that set my foot tapping on every recording I played. This is not to suggest that other sonic parameters were left wanting, only that this particular trait stood out from the rest of the pack. This recording can be a bit on the harsh side, and the Wavac MDB did nothing to mask it.

Do you want an amp that makes every recording sound good, or an amplifier that is true to the source? An amplifier that arrives at a pleasant sound by masking resolution may be alluring at the outset, but quickly becomes boring and uninvolving. More than anything, it revealed the dynamic capabilities from both micro and macro standpoints.

In spades.


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